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Bangalore geared up for Kadlekai Parishe

KadlekaiBull Temple Road of Basavanagudi, Bangalore is getting ready to host Kadlekai Parishe (Groundnut Fair), which is being celebrated every year from more than 500 years.

The traditional fair is celebrated every year on the last Monday and Tuesday of Hindu calendar month Karthika Masa.

Popular Folklore behind this Kadlekai Parishe is, a bull (Lord Shiva’s vehicle) used to live at this place feeding on the abundant groundnuts of this place. An angered farmer tries to scare the bull off that place, and the bull disappears after running a little distance. The next day, the farmers only found a statue of bull at that place. From then farmers around that place started offering their harvest to the bull every year.

Hundreds of farmers and vendors brought huge amounts of different varieties of Groundnuts from the city, Mandya, Kolar and other neighboring towns and also from neighboring states Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Fresh, boiled, roasted groundnuts of many varieties are ready for sale here. Apart from groundnuts one can also buy toys, kitchen ware, household products, consumer durables, decorative items and many more at the parishe.

Carnival horse and swing rides, mini water games are established at the fair for children and fun lovers. Food stalls at the fair are ready to serve delicious modern and traditional foods.

Thousands of people from the city and other places come here to celebrate one of the oldest and traditional fair of the city.

Kadlekai Parishe (Groundnut Fair), Bangalore 2013 Photo Gallery

Tuesday, 3rd December 2013 is the last day for this year’s fair, go and attend the city’s oldest fair.

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  1. This will be a great sight seeing for Bangalore tourist.

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