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Bangalore’s temperatures soaring towards city’s highest

Hot-BangaloreIs Bangalore is losing its credibility of featuring the most pleasant weather through out the year ? The native Bangaloreans are saying Yes!

This summer Bangalore witnessed the highest temperature of this season 36.4 degree Celsius on 24th April with almost half of summer is still a head.

These temperatures are very closer to the city’s highest temperatures ever witnessed which were 38.3 degrees Celsius on 30th April 1931 and 37.6 degrees Celsius on 12th April 2010.

According to locals cutting down trees, encroaching lakes to facilitate new layouts among which several layouts are unplanned, very high number of vehicle population which are releasing severe pollution everyday are the main culprits of the raising mercury levels.

From past few years thousands of trees were removed to accommodate the requirements of metro and flyovers and several parks and lakes were encroached for layouts. Though officials are taking few measures by planting new trees and establishing new parks at some other areas, the newly established parks and trees are getting dry as early as possible due to the lack of maintenance.

Its the time to take some necessary steps as early as possible before the Garden City of India becomes one of the Hottest City of India.


  1. Its really hot this year, humidity too seems to be very high, lot of sweating

  2. Don’t cut trees, bangalore bachao

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