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2014 Bangalore International Wine Festival from 25th July

Wine-FestivalA reason to cherish for the wine lovers, as the Bengaluru International Wine Festival for the year 2014 is getting started on 25th July and the festival will be held for three days till 27th July 2014.

As many as 35 wineries from across the world including seven international brands are participating in this festival. The major aim of this festival will be to increase the awareness regarding the health benefits one can enjoy by consuming limited amount of wine everyday. According to the organizers, though Karnataka is the second largest producer of wine in India, the knowledge people possess is limited and many people are still considering wine as an alcoholic drink. This festival also aims to remove that myth from people’s believes.

2014’s Bangalore International Wine Festival will be held at Jaya Mahal Palace Hotel and the entry ticket for each person is Rs 49 which can be also availed from Hopcom outlets.

Several brands of wines will be put on display in the festival which can also be purchased by the visitors at a discount of 10 percent.

Love to taste different brand wines or to know more about health benefits one can get by consuming wine then slip into Jaya Mahal Palace Hotel this weekend.

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