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Bangalore among Top 15 cleanest cities of India

Clean-BangaloreThanks to the numerous number of green gardens and clean roads for making Bangalore one of the top 15 cleanest cities of India according to a survey conducted by AC Nielsen-ORGMarg, CEPT University and Development and Research Services (DRS).

Bangalore stood at 12th Place in the top 15 India’s cleanest cities list.

Mandya, Mangalore and Mysore are the three other cities of Karnataka which also made to the top 15 list, thus making it the only state with maximum number of cleanest cities featured in the list.

Mandya stood at 15th place in the list, Mangalore at 8th place and the Palace City, Mysore is the second best cleanest city in India after Chandigarh.

New Delhi (4th) and Chennai (13th) are the two metro cities apart from Bangalore that made to the cleanest cities list.

Top 15 Cleanest Cities of India

  1. Chandigarh
  2. Mysore
  3. Surat
  4. New Delhi
  5. Delhi Contonment
  6. Thiruchirapalli
  7. Jamshedpur
  8. Mangalore
  9. Rajkot
  10. Kanpur
  11. Navi Mumbai Township
  12. Bangalore
  13. Chennai
  14. Rourkela
  15. Mandya

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  1. Bangalore should get into top 5 in couple of years

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