Flight 4 Fantasy

Flight 4 Fantasy – an enthralling experience

Flight 4 Fantasy is India’s only flight simulation centre that provides a virtual flying experience to the non-pilots, which is located on the fourth floor in Forum Mall in the Koramangala area in Bangalore. Flight 4 Fantasy has high precision flight simulators that can give a thrilling experience to the visitors.

The treasure of Flight 4 Fantasy- Its Simulators

Let’s have a look at all of them one-by-one:

  • Boeing 737 – Commercial Jet: This is 1:1 scaled version of the actual Boeing 737 – Commercial Jet. The simulator allows you to take off and land at more than 1500 airports. There will be an initial briefing on the cockpit instruments. The landscapes of Zurich, captivating day and night vision of Hong Kong, admiring the Alps, flying low over Frankfurt and many other are covered during the flight. Some of the seats have been taken from an actual old Boeing 737.
  • Cessna –General Aviation: In this simulator one can enjoy the experience of handling the cockpit controls in manual as well as auto pilot mode. This has a minimum age requirement of 13 years.
  • Fighter jet-Military: This simulator enables you to experience 4D visually and have 3D High Definition Surround visuals. It provides a fast paced experience accentuated by a pitch movement. You will be the in-charge of your plane and go on for fight mission or target searching missions.

This has a minimum age requirement of 8+ years. You can challenge your friend for an aerial combat or join hands with him to defeat the enemies. Or you can simply go on a solo mission.

Flight 4 Fantasy

Flight 4 Fantasy in Bangalore

From inside the cockpit of simulators of Flight 4 Fantasy

In all the simulators the cockpit has control panel which glows. From the cockpit window one can look at the runway lights. The time duration of the flight depends on whether you have chosen the 30 minute package, the 60 minute package or the celebration package.

You can be the pilot and a trained instructor will be guiding you across different countries having different kind of weather conditions. He instructs to about seat belt sign, the brakes and the way to make sure that the aircraft is flying at the permissible speed at all the time.

Once you go on full throttle, the speedometer goes up steadily till 130 knots after which the control column has to be pulled and the plane takes off.

What makes Flight 4 Fantasy a thrilling experience?

Visitors enjoy braving the simulated rough weather and experiencing the challenging airports. For instance, Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak Airport requires you to descend sharply for a safe landing as it is flanked by skyscrapers on one side and massive mountains on the other. In the ruckus of the sound of engine it becomes hard to listen to the instruction of the co-pilot.

All these provisions inside the simulators give you the feel of flying a real aircraft. Flight 4 Fantasy is the place you ought to be for more mature entertainment option which is intellectually stimulating as well.

Flight 4 Fantasy Prices

The prices are different for different flights

  • Boeing 737 Commercial Jet – For 30 min experience Rs 1400 from Monday to Thursday and Rs 1600 from Friday to Sunday, for 60 min experience Rs 2,400 from Monday to Thursday and Rs 2,750 from Friday to Sunday
  • Cessna – General Aviation : For 15 min Rs 350 from Monday to Thursday, Rs 400 from Friday to Sunday and for 30 mins Rs 600 from Monday to Thursday and Rs 700 from Friday to Sunday
  • Fighter Jet – Military : For 15 mins experience Rs 200 from Monday to Thursday and Rs 250 from Friday to Sunday.

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