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Innovative Film City

Everything You Want To Know About Innovative Film City

Bangalore is a city that has tourist attractions catering to all ages of people. There are many entertainments and activities that children, teenagers, adults and elderly people too can engage in. The city of gardens boasts of large areas of greenery in the middle of the city in which people can relax in.

One of the most popular entertainment option for everyone in Bangalore is the Innovative Film City. IFC opened its doors to the public almost six years back in 2008 in the month of June. This film city covers a huge area (almost 50 acres of land) and has everything from fiery dinosaurs to the child’s favorite merry go round.

How To Reach There

The film city is located on the outskirts of Bangalore. From the heart of Bangalore, you have to travel about 40 kms towards the Bidadi Industrial Area. The best way to reach Innovative Film City is by using your own vehicle or hiring a cab for the day. Most of the distance is on the well maintained Mysore road. The last leg of the journey for around 1-2 kms has to be through some bad roads. If you do not want to use a private or tourist vehicle, you can use the local BMTC buses. There are buses to Bidadi from Majestic (City bus station). You can take one of these buses and get down at the junction before Bidadi where the road forks out. From here, you can take an auto to reach the film city. You will have to be ready to bargain with the auto drivers.


How Much Time Do You Need

We are talking about a whole entertainment center. Hence you can spend as little or as much time you like. But at a minimum, you need to have 5 hours to enjoy the activities. The area is huge and the activities are many that you will need to plan in advance so that you do not miss your favorite activities due to lack of time.

Food Options

They do not allow outside food into the premises. So you will need to buy your food from the stalls available inside. The food might be a tad bit more expensive, but there is no shortage of options available. There is a McDonalds restaurant too where children would like to sit and have a munch. And there is a food court that features regular south Indian and north Indian fare.

Must Do Activities

Everyone has their own interests. If you are traveling as a group of people, it is better to talk about the activities available and decide the time you will spend on each. This will ensure that everyone gets to do their favorite activities.

The artificial beach at the film city is big and in the afternoons, you can get to soak in the soothing water with music and artificial waves. This is one of the places you should not miss. The ambience is great with sand around and trees.

The dinosaur park may not be as big or as good as the Disneyland one, but it is worth a visit. The place is covered with bamboos and there is a small waterfall with benches scattered around. Children will find this place greatly interesting.

The Wax Museum has many notable characters featured from Harry Potter to Michael Jackson. There is a portrayal of many fairy tales in the upper floors including snow white and sleeping beauty.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum is one of the places you can spend many hours in if you are interested by the unbelievable and weird stuff. And for the brave hearted, there is a haunted house too. Then there is a video gaming arena and bowling arenas too.

One thing you should not miss is the different film sets you can sit and pose in. there is a police station, a court, a hospital and an airplane too.

Plan your day well and have great fun!

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