Bangalore Fort

History of Bangalore Fort


Bangalore Fort was built by Kempe Gowda, a feudatory of Vijayanagara Empire, who is also known as the found of Bangalore.

Kempe Gowda fortified the city in 1537 AD and gave the name Bengaluru, which was referenced in a Ganga Inscription, Circa 890 AD and found near Begur temple, Begur.

The Fort which was later leased to Mysore King Chikkadevaraja Wadeyar by the Mughals in 1689 AD, got expanded to the South and the king built Kote Sri Venkataramana Temple within the fort boundaries.

In 1758 Hyder Ali secured the city as jagir and further strengthened the city.

In 1791 AD Lord Cornwallis captured the city but handed back to Tipu Sultan a year later as per Srirangapattana Treaty.

The original fort was oval in shape and used to have huge gateways at important places which are Delhi Bagilu (gate), Yelahanka Bagilu in the North, Kanakahalli Bagilu, Mysore Bagilu in the South, Ulsur Bagilu in the East and Kengeri Bagilu in the West.

Most parts of the fort were later converted into present day schools, colleges, hospitals etc., and two huge cannons with cannon balls dating back to Tipu Sultan were recently demolished in 2013, making a way to Bangalore Metro construction.

The present day fort consists Delhi Gate, remnants of 2 bastions, a dungeon and a small Ganesha temple.

Photo Gallery of Bangalore Fort

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Bangalore Fort Address and Map

The location shows as Tipu Sultan Fort in the map, but is not Tipu Sultan fort. Check this page to see Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

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