Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace: Normandy Castle like Structure

Bangalore Palace is a palace situated in the midst of the modern city of Bangalore. This is a royal structure that stands tall even today, attracting thousands of local and international tourists every year. It is being used for cultural events and other important programs also. The use of wood and the carvings that can be seen both inside and the exteriors of the palatial structure in many different architectural styles makes Bangalore palace a prominent tourist attraction.

Bangalore Palace was constructed by Reverend Garrette who was the Principal of the Central High School. The property was purchased by King Chamaraja Wodeyar who converted it into a palace that resembled the Windsor Castle in England. It is said that the king was very impressed by the Tudor style architecture of the Windsor Castle and he wanted to have a palace just like it in the city of Bangalore. The palace was thrown open for public viewing in the year 2005 with an entrance fee to collect money for the maintenance of the structure.


Huge complex containing many structures

Built over an area of 45,000 square feet, the palace is magnificent to say the least and it contains many gardens, a massive open square called courtyard and a ballroom that was used by Wodeyar kings used to have their private parties. There is a huge hall called Durbar Hall on the first floor that was used by the king to address his assembly. There are windows with stained glass in this hall that is adorned by a huge elephant head mounted on a wall. There are many beautiful paintings on the walls of the hall. There is a screen at one end of the hall that served as a veil for the royal ladies. The interiors of the Palace have exquisite cornices and carvings to mesmerize the visitors.

Things to see in the palace

Attractions inside the palace include a horse hoof shaped chair that is in fact a weighing scale and a coat of arms gifted by the British to Chamaraja Wodeyar. This coat of arms is placed next to the royal emblem of the Wodeyar dynasty. There is a fountain in the backyard that was gifted by the King of Spain to the Wodeyars.

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