Mayo Hall

Mayo Hall, Bangalore: Memorial to an Able Administrator

Mayo Hall is an old, iconic structure made of brick and concrete in the memory of Lord Mayo, the 4th Viceroy of India. This building is situated on the popular MG road in Bangalore city next to Public Utility Building. This structure has two floors and is known for its ornate furniture and architecture. Adorned by Italian chandeliers, Greek cornices, wooden floors, Tuscan columns, stone arches and beautiful furnishings; this old double storied building is a popular tourist attraction these days.

Mayo Hall was the first of the many structures built in the memory of Lord Mayo across the country as later many more buildings such as Mayo Hospitals and Mayo Schools were opened in other parts of the country. Mayo Hall was commissioned in 1883 by the then British resident in India with great fanfare.


This building served as the office of the Bangalore Municipal Corporation

The building of Mayo Hall is situated on a hilly area from where it provides panoramic views of other structures such as Bangalore race course, Parade grounds, Brigade grounds, and the Lake Ulsoor. Mayo Hall served as the office of the Bangalore Mahanagar Palike for a long time but today it has just a few offices of the BMP while some traffic courts also function inside the premises. BMP has constructed a fountain park in front of Mayo Hall to make it pleasant for the visitors.

A landmark surrounded by modern buildings

One can find the paintings of famous British administrators and also of the local citizens who have contributed significantly to the development and administration of the city of Bangalore. Mayo Hall was once described as the most elegant structures of its kind during the British era in the southern part of India.

Though most of the greenery surrounding this iconic structure is now gone because of the development of the city of Bangalore, Mayo Hall stands tall amidst structures of concrete in all its pristine glory.

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