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Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

About Tipu Sultan Summer Palace, Bangalore


Tipu Sultan Summer Palace is the one of the major Historical Attraction of Bangalore.

An inscription on a stone found in the palace describes the palace as an ‘Abode of Happiness and envy of Heaven’.

Construction of the Palace was started by Nawab Hyder Ali Khan in 1781 AD and Tipu Sultan completed the construction in 1791 AD.

The magnificent palace was built using wood, stone, mortar and plaster, and looks like a one storied pillared pavilion from outside. But the palace is actually a double storied building, typical of this style in architecture.

The walls and wooden ceilings of the palace are painted in beautiful floral motifs on madder red surfaces.

The central portion in the first floor of the palace is a big hall leading off to four smaller rooms in the corners which were used to considered as Zenana Quarters.

Seats of State, where the Sultan used to held audience and conduct his affairs of the state were located in the balconies in the North and South sides of the palace.

An enclosed private space below the seat of State houses a museum.

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace, Photos

For more pictures of the palace check this link Tipu Sultan Summer Palace, Photo Gallery

Tourist Places near to Tipu Sultan Summer Palace, Bangalore

Kote Prasanna Venkataramana Temple is located next to Tipu’s palace and Bull Temple, Gavi Gangadareshwara Temple are also near to the palace.

Address of Tipu Sultan Summer Palace, Bangalore

The palace is located near to City market, which is having very frequent bus facilities from every corner of the city.

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