Town Hall

Town Hall, Bangalore: Iconic Stone Structure

Town Hall is an iconic European style stone structure in the city of Bangalore. It is an imposing building that stands tall amidst concrete structures of the electronic city. Town Hall was built by Sri Puttan Chetty who was also the President of the municipality of Bangalore from 1913-1920. The building was inaugurated by crown prince Kantiveera Wodeyar while its foundation stone was laid by the then King of Mysore, Sri Rajendra Wodeyar.


Auditorium made of stone

From the outside, the Town Hall looks like a Greco Roman structure built with a series of steps that lead to the entrance porch. The entire structure rests upon Tuscan style columns that can be seen extending in the sides also. The interior of the structure consists of an auditorium that is divided into two floors. This auditorium can seat 1038 guests in all. Of these, 626 can sit on the ground floor while there is seating capacity of 310 people on the first floor and 102 people on the 2nd floor.

Separate entrance for the Royalties

This stone auditorium has a separate entrance that was used by the king of Mysore. For all the woodwork done in the interiors, teak was used. This impressive building made of stone has been used to host many national and international political and cultural events. The interiors were renovated in the year 1976 when it was found that the building did not have proper acoustics and seating arrangement. Today, this iconic structure serves as an important centre for entertainment.

Majestic building amidst concrete structures

Though Town Hall was built in 1935 and the city of Bangalore has grown exponentially since then with many more auditoriums for the purpose of entertainment, this imposing structure of stone remains as iconic and majestic today as it was when it was built in 1935.

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