Vikasa Soudha

Vikasa Soudha is a replica or duplicate of the main building Vidhana Soudha and it is located right in front of this main legislative building. Vikasa soudha was established to account for any space issues in the main legislative building and to serve as ministry offices and legislature house. This building also highlights the architectural talent that the government of Karnataka possesses and their commitment in achieving a specific target in such a small time frame.


Characteristic features of Vikasa Soudha

There are many striking features of this building which make it one of the best architectural establishments in the history of Karnataka. Some of these features are as follows:

  • The building was started and planned by the then chief minister of Karnataka, i.e. SM Krishna in the year 2001. He inaugurated the basic land of the building marking the beginning of the project soon after the project was approved and certain budget was allocated for the construction.
  • The total area including the surrounding space of the Vikasa soudha is about 7.5 acres while the area covered just by the building is about 58000 square meters.
  • The building has only 4 floors above the ground and so looks like a small building but it has 3 underground floors thus making it a mega structure. The building consists of over 350 rooms and 15 halls suitable for meetings and conferences.
  • Power is supplied using the solar energy and solar heaters and the building is also installed with a rain water harvesting system which is checked regularly to ensure it is working effectively and efficiently.
  • To maintain a high security around the perimeter, there are armed guards at the entrance and at all major outlets/inlets and the building is equipped with advanced security system including cameras and sensors.
  •  The building has beautiful interiors designed to give a very sophisticated look to the building and also has a printing press and proper parking facilities.

The intention behind this project was to accommodate all the high profile and highly confidential government offices under one roof and to create a cooperative harmony among these offices. The Karnataka government has so far spent over 150 crore over the project and to make it a huge success in the history of Karnataka government. Moreover, the location of the building is very prime location in the city and so all major tourist spots are in close vicinity of the building.

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