HAL Aerospace Museum

HAL Aerospace Museum –A vivid tale of Indian aviation development

HAL Aerospace Museum, India’s first aerospace museum, offers a glimpse of India’s aeronautical past. It is sited at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) premises, Old airport road, in Bangalore.

Facts about the Aerospace museum

HAL Aerospace museum was setup by the then chairman of HAL, Dr.Krishna Das Nair and was inaugurated formally in 2001. The museum showcases the growth of Indian aviation industry and is India’s second largest aeronautical museum. It also details HAL’s contribution to the growth of India’s aviation industry.

HAL Aerospace Museum

Air craft at display at HAL Aerospace Museum

Collections in the Aerospace museum

The premise of HAL is beautifully landscaped with bright flora and a sparkling alleyway. The museum has a wide array of exhibits including life-sized models of helicopters and air crafts, flight simulators, air craft engine models and a mock Air traffic Control (ATC) tower. All the models on display are cordoned off by chains.

The aircraft exhibits are the prototypes of the ones that have been developed by HAL and also those, built under the license for Indian Air Force. Few of the prominent aircraft prototypes that have been put on display are:

  • HAL HJT-36 Sitara: A jet trainer aircraft used by Indian Navy and Indian Air force.
  • HAL Tejas mock-up (LCA) :A Supersonic ,multirole, Light fighter aircraft
  • English Electric Canberra :A Jet powered, light bomber aircraft
  • HAL Ajeet : A Jet trainer, light fighter aircraft
  • HAL_Dhruv ALH : A utility aircraft used for both military as well as civil purposes
  • Westland Sea King Mk.42 :An aircraft with anti-submarine warfare systems and a flight control system that is completely computerized
  • DRDO Lakshya: A target drone system with very high speed

The flight simulators give an exhilarating experience while the ATC gives a view of panoramic take off and landing. One can also come across scaled down models of the GSLV (Geo-synchronous Launch Vehicle) and the LCA (Light Combat Aircraft).Each and every prototype has a carefully illustrated description inscribed on a plaque.

A photo gallery hall with thoroughly meticulous write-ups on the chronicles of HAL is an all-absorbing and all-embracing part. It narrates a beautiful tale on the development of HAL and maps its growth. Not only can one find the history of Indian aviation, but the history of world military aviation, civil aviation etc can also.

HAL’s humble endeavor to teach common visitors is a commendable step towards preserving India’s aviation heritage. The entire credit goes to the teams the eminent scientists that have propelled India’s aviation sector to such an extent that it has become a strong power to reckon with.

Miscellaneous information about the museum

The Aerospace museum entry fee is nominal and photography is allowed inside the premise. However, there is a separate fee for experiencing the flight simulators.

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