Philatelic Museum

The Philatelic Museum of Bangalore-A museum with difference

Stamp collection is one of the most inexpensive and brilliant ways of getting an understanding of various countries, events, incidents, history, and even people. The majestic Philatelic museum of Bangalore is an exemplary example of this.

Location of the Philatelic Museum

This museum is housed inside the General Post Office (GPO), almost opposite to Vidhana Souda and Raj Bhavan. It is on the first floor of the building. The museum has collection of numerous stamps that have been collected from various time periods and arranged quite aesthetically.


Types of stamps in the museum

In addition to being well maintained, the museum has archives of hundreds of stamps from different countries. Also, almost all the stamps that have been issued in India since the time of Independence have been collected there.

One can find stamps of different shapes, sizes, epochs, and even different cultural backgrounds. Almost every stamp has a story in the offing. Moreover, one can also find sufficient study material on philately, if interested.

Who all can visit the museum?

Contrary to common belief that the museums do not evoke as much interest in children as they do in adults, the Philatelic museum of Bangalore comes across as an exception. It is generally tedious for the kids to have a look at the wide array of the vintage articles displayed in the museum. However, in the Philatelic Museum the images and the history being depicted on the stamp interests them a lot.

They actually hold back themselves and glance over the pictures of the different dance forms of Karnataka depicted on the stamps, the pictures of the sculptures being carved out, the images commemorating influential personalities etc.

This museum can be of interest to all the people, preferably those who are inclined towards the study of stamps. One can also draw a lucid picture of the postal history of the city from the plethora of stamps that have been collected there.

Other events hosted at the Philatelic Museum

Together with the India Post, the Karnataka postal circle and the Karnataka Philatelic society sometimes organize theme based philatelic exhibitions in the Philatelic Museum. For instance, on the occasion of Science Day (28th Feb), they had exhibited the stamps concerning science and technology. Stamps with pictures of Franklin (who had discovered electricity), Jenner (who had developed vaccination), Newton (Optics), Rutherford (the atomic structure) and many more were showcased.

Connectivity of the Philatelic Museum

The General post office is built on Cubbon Park and one can also take a stroll along the beautiful park once the visit to the museum is over. The route to the museum is quite accessible as there is a bus stop exactly opposite to it. In addition to this, other modes of transport like auto rickshaws are also easily available. So there would be no hassles in connectivity. And finally, an icing on the cake–the free entry.

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