Venkatappa Art Gallery

Venkatappa Art Gallery in Bangalore – An epitome of art

Venkatappa Art Gallery, housed in Karnataka Government Museum, down Kasturba Road can be aptly portrayed as Bangalore’s tribute to Karnataka’s artistic essence. The Venkatappa Art Gallery exhibits some of the most illustrious art-work and hence is a treasure-trove for art aficionados from all parts of the country. With nearly as many as 600 paintings on the display all the year around, the gallery serves as a compelling testimony of the art related heritage and legacy of Karnataka.

History of Venkatappa Art Gallery

The Venkatappa Art Gallery is named after the court painter of Wodeyars, K.Venkatappa who was born in 1887.The gallery had been inaugurated in the year 1975.


Collections of Venkatappa Art Gallery

The permanent exhibits in the gallery are personal memorabilia and works of Mysore painter K. Venkatappa. This great artisan works are displayed in one of the buildings at the ground floor. The gallery spreads out over three floors:

  • Eminent works by Venkatappa such as view from Church Hill in Ooty, Nilgiri Mountains, Sunrise in Ooty, panoramic view of Ooty Lake etc. are displayed on the first floor .Attention to even the minutest detail has been given in the painting, with each brush stroke reflecting the creative genius and dexterity of this distinguished artist.
  • The stone sculptures from Khajaraho school of art and Mathura dating back to 12th century A.D. , antique pottery articles belonging to the era of Indus Valley civilization ,landscapes of 20th century, excavations and artifacts made from clay, ivory and bronze belonging to Mohenjo-Daro , are also put on display.
  • On second floor, one can find a section where captivating works by artists like Yusuf Arakkal, M.F. Hussain, Vasudev Rekha Raoare and many others are put on the display. One can also find a section devoted to exquisite wood carvings by reputed artist C. P. Rajaram on the same floor.
  • The third floor of the gallery is wholly dedicated to K.K Hebbar’s paintings titled Jal, Vayu, Prithvi, Sea Shore, Agni, Last glimpse, Nagamandala and Death. Appropriately called The “Hebbar Section”, this section also features some very engaging sketches titled Japan, Mother and Bali Village.

The gallery has a section for armory also, wherein daggers, bayonets, bullets and gun powder cases ,which have been collected from the medieval period, have been showcased. The gallery also organizes various painting and photo exhibitions. Visiting Venkatappa Art Gallery is definitely an enthralling experience as it makes one feel that you are living the epochs gone by.

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