Sri Big Bull Temple

Bull-templeThe Bull Temple is one of the oldest temple in Bangalore built in 1537, during the period of Kempe Gowda, who is known as the founder of Bangalore.

The temple is located in Basavanagudi area, whose name came because of the temple itself. Basavana means Bull’s and Gudi means Temple.

The huge bull situated inside the temple measures 4.5m in height, 6.5m in length and is said to carved from a huge single rock.

Groundnut fair (kadalekayi parishe) is held in the temple every year on last Monday, Tuesday of Hindu calendar month Karthika Masa.

An interesting folklore behind the fair and the construction of the temple is, before 500 years, the bull used to be a real one and used to eat the groundnuts which were abundant at this place. Seeing him eating groundnuts, a farmer tries to scare him off that place. The bull then runs away some distance and disappears.

As it was late in the evening already, the farmer goes home and comes back next morning accompanied by other farmers but only finds the bull turned into a statue.

Amazed by the incident, people in that area started to worship the statue. Surprised by listening to the wonder, Kempe Gowda built a temple around the statue.

From that time every year farmers in that area and from other places started celebrating Kadalekayi Parishe by offering groundnuts on last Monday and Tuesday of Karthika masa.

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Address and Route Map to Bull Temple

The temple is located in Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi which is around 5km from Bangalore city railway station, bus stand and around 39km distant from Bangalore International Airport.

Temple location map

Bull Temple to Bangalore bus stand Majestic and Railway station route map

Places to visit near Bull Temple

The temple is located inside the beautiful Bugle Rock Garden, which also features famous Vinayaka temple in Bangalore, Dodda Ganapati Temple inside the garden.

Gavi Gangadareshwara Temple which is one of the oldest and famous temple in Bangalore is 1.2kms from Bull temple.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city is 2kms from the temple.

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