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Infant Jesus Church History and Attractions


Infant Jesus Church is the church which is located in Vivek Nagar, Bangalore and is one of the very popular religious attraction in the city.

The foundation stone of the church was laid on 18th April 1969 by Most Rev.Dr.S. Lourduswamy, the then Archbishop of Bangalore.

The new Infant Jesus Church, Bangalore was opened by Most Rev. Dr.D.S.Lourduswamy, Secretary of the Sacred
Congregation for the Evangelisation of the people, on 29th June 1979.

Many of the important happenings of the church were happened on Thursdays, so the day was dedicated to Infant Jesus and is an important day of the church.

Thousands of devotees from all religions visit the church everyday and more on Thursdays making the church as one of the Pilgrimage center in Bangalore.

Mass timings of Infant Jesus Church

5.45 am in Kannada, 6.30 am and 11.15 am in Tamil, 6.00 pm in English on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and on Wednesday 6pm mass will be followed by Adoration in Tamil.

Sunday Mass timings are at 5.45 am in Tamil, at 7.00 am in English, at 8.30 am in Tamil, at 10.00 am in Kannada, at 11.15 am in Tamil, at 5.00 pm in English and at 6.00 pm in Tamil

Thursday Mass timings of Infant Jesus Church are at 5.45 am in Tamil & English, at 6.30 am in English, at 9.00 am in Telugu, at 10.00 am in Kannada, at 11.15 am in Tamil, at 4.00 pm in Konkani, at 5.00 pm in English, at 6.00 pm in Tamil and at 7.30 pm in Malayalam.

Photo Gallery of Infant Jesus Church

For more pictures of the church visit this page Infant Jesus Church Photo Gallery

Infant Jesus Church, Bangalore Address and Map

The church is located in Bazaar Street, Vivek Nagar and is 6.5 kms from Bangalore City Railway Station and Bus Stand.

Church location map
Infant Jesus Church to Bangalore bus stand Majestic and Railway station route map

Visiting Places near to the Church

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, one of the most popular tourist spot in Bangalore is around 5 kms from the church and MG Road which is another popular visiting place is 4kms from the church.

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