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Digambar Jain Temples: In the heart of the city

The heart of the city Bangalore, is dotted with many structures of historic and cultural significance. Few among these are Sri Adinath Digambar and Sri Mahavir Digambar Jain temples.

If you look around Bangalore, one will see the unmistakable presence of a rich Jain heritage some of which are more than two thousand years old. It is no wonder that Bangalore will have been influenced by this too.

Brief History

Jainism is divided into two sects one of which is Digambar. As per the tradition, Mahavir is the last Jain tirthankar or a spiritual teacher, there are a total of 24 such tirthankars, both men and women. It is said that Mahavir achieved enlightenment and was free of worldly attachments after he renounced the world in search of the truth.

Most of the tirthankar sculptures and images are shown sitting with their legs crossed with the right hand resting over the left one. One of the traditions of Digambar is that the monks do not wear clothing signifying complete surrender of personal desires and renunciation of worldly pleasures.

Jain Temple in Bangalore

Jain Temple in Bangalore

Sri Adinath Digambar Jain temple

It is located in Jayananar in Bangalore. The architecture of this temple is simple yet detailed with perfect dome structure at the top with golden tip. The entire temple is carved out of white marble in varying shades of white that offers definition to the temple. It took almost 7 years to build this temple.

Located just off the main road, you are welcomed by two marble elephants justify inside the main gate. The temple has two stairs one at the back and the other in the front. You see devotees and pilgrims offer their respects here.

The timings of this temple are from 6am to 1pm and from 5pm to 9pm.

Sri Mahavir Digambar Jain temple

About two kilometres from Sri Adinath Digambar Jain temple is Sri Mahavir Digambar Jain temple at Chikpet cross in the city. This temple again is carved out of white marble, it is slightly bigger than and has a Mahavir statue crafted in the holy premises.

There are many other temples in and around Bangalore apart from Sri Adinath Digambar and Sri Mahavir Digambar Jain temples. There are tirthas or pilgrimages that are organized by the Jain community that sets out on a long journey to visit places of religious significance. You can feel the power of their faith when a whole group of people pay their respects and offer adoration at once. It is an experience for a lifetime and one can’t help but be touched by devotion.

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