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Kote Shree Jalakanteshwara swamy temple

Kote Shree Jalakanteshwara  temple, Bangalore

Kote Shree Jalakanteshwara swamy idol

Kote Shree Jalakanteshwara swamy temple is one of the oldest temple in Bangalore built around 400 years back during Kempegowda I reign.

The Jalakanteshwara swamy temple is located near to Kalasipalya bus stand.

Nine stone pillars in the temples features Navagrahas carved on them. The three sanctum sanctorums of the temple houses Jalakanteshwara swamy at centre, Goddess Parvati to his left and and Lord Kailashnatheshwar Swamy to right. The temple also has a rare Natya Ganesha idol.

An interesting feature of the temple is the placement of Goddess Parvati idol, when seen from the entrance half of the idol is only visible which is also known as Ardhanarishwari avatar of Lord Shiva.

One of the belief followed in the temple is to meditate under Kurma (tortoise), Mathsya (fish) and Sarpa (snake) carved ceiling to enhance positive and goodness in a person.

Another belief followed is worshiping rare idol of Goddess Durga standing on a ball by unmarried girls to get husband of their wishes within 48 days.

A popular form of offering prayers at the temple is by creating a necklace of 108 bengal grams (chickpeas) and offering to Medha Dhakshina Moorthi to enrich their Gurubala.

Devotees from long distances and others can take holy bath at the large pushkarani which is located at the north side of the temple.

Though the temple is located at one of the most crowded areas of Bangalore, it offers peaceful atmosphere inside.

Kargothsava is celebrated every year a day after Maha Shivaratri.


  1. Super place

  2. Does this temple really exist in the most contaminated kalasipalya ?? I heard about this temple on radio . I’m gonna visit there today . The description above was help full . Thank u

  3. Even I heard about this temple in the radio program on Big FM, nice to know that such an ancient temple exists in our city, never imagined crowded area like Kalasipalya to have such a big temple. going to visit it for sure…
    one more detail, not present in your article is that, the temple was first built by Cholas, but they left it as a small gudi, which was later made into it’s present shape by the Vijayanagara chieftain Kempegowda.

  4. Really this is one of a beautiful temple where we can find full positive vibrations inside the temple.
    ieven i felt that vibration inside the temple.

  5. thanks everyone for ur views about the temple.as I am from Madurai I came to know about this temple when I came to Bangalore. today I am visiting this temple and pray God for my wishes to come true. NAMA SHIVAYA

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