Sri Dharmaraya Swamy Temple

Dharmaraya temple is among the oldest temples in Bangalore is also one of the most beautiful temples in Bangalore with all its colorful exterior carvings. The temple is for the followers of Pandavas and is the only temple in the country to be established for people to offer their prayers to the pandavas. The temple was established around 800 years ago by the civilization known as the Thigalas. It is very beloved temple of southern India and people from all over the country visit the temple and they also participate in the major festivals of the temple as well.



Karaga festival of Bangalore is the most widely celebrated festival in the Dharmaraya temple. This festival is dedicated solely for the goddess Draupadi. The festival is celebrated to as a symbol to promote women empowerment and also as a symbol to mark the victory of goodness in the world. Hundreds of people flock from different a part of the state to celebrate this festival which is celebrated for as long as 11 days continuously with different religious ceremonies on each day of the festival.

During the festival a procession is carried out which does not halt for anyone or anywhere and at the end a special Prasad is distributed to all the followers and this Prasad is known to have medicinal effects in curing ailments and bringing relief. On the last day of the festival, the temple flag is lowered to mark the ending of the festival.

Design of the temple

The exterior and the interior of the temple has been designed or structured in such a way that it reflects the architectural styles of Gangas, Pallavas and the Vijaynagaras. Some parts of the temple such as garbhagruha have been designed so as to show the styles of the Gangas. There are many other parts of the temple which depict the styles of the other two civilizations.

Since the establishment of the temple, it has undergone many renovations in stages with the most recent change done being the painting of the exterior of the temple to make the temple look more colorful at least from the outside.

Although the temple was established with vast barren lands around it so that a huge number of followers can be accommodated, but now due to commercial and industrial development, the temple has been very commercialized and hardly any plain area can be seen around the temple.

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