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The Garden City of India, Bangalore can also be mentioned as the City of Diversity. The amount of diversity can be explained by knowing the fact that more than 60% population of the city comprise of migrants. The very same fact made the city possess rich cultural and social values. People belonging to different religions and sections celebrate their festivals according to their own customs, which makes the city home for several unique festivals that gets celebrated every year.


Every year numerous number of events gets held in Bangalore to serve wide variety of purposes. Some of those events draws huge amounts of visitors and became a part of Bangalore history and some events are slowly establishing themselves. The most popular annual events of Bangalore are

Lalbagh Flower Show: The most popular event that will be held twice every year and which is loved by thousands of Bangaloreans from all sections is the Lalbagh Flower Show which will be held in the Glass house of the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. These shows held every year during the Republic Day of India time in the month January and during the Independence Day of India time in August month. Every time these shows comes up with unique themes to make sure the visitors get an entire new experience for each flower show.


Air Show
Bangalore Air Show: This is a biannual event that is conducted by Aero India at Yelahanka Air Force Station in Bangalore. Several manufacturers, service providers showcases their products at this Asia’s largest Air Show to attract the potential buyers from various departments. The air show will be made available for public also, where the visitors can witness the amazing and spectacular air crafts and the feats performed by experts using these gigantic machines. These shows are usually held in the month of February.


Bangalore Literature Festival: Shortly known as BLF, Bangalore Literature Festival is a festival of its kind which is getting celebrated every year from 2012, and gaining popularity over the years. This literary event attracts hundreds of renowned writers and bibliophiles from across the country.

Bangalore Book Festival: The major book exhibition that gets held in the city every year is Bangalore Book Festival. This fete was started in the year 2003 and recently celebrated its 10 anniversary.

Thousands of books on wide variety of subjects in several languages will be kept for sale in this exhibition. Visitors of this festival can also participate in several discussions which will also gets organized during the event and also gets the chance to meet their favorite authors.

Book Festival

Apart from the above, other events that gets held seasonally and pulls huge crowds are Mango Melas, Annual Cake Show, International Wine Festival etc., Several other events and exhibition gets organized in the city but not on same dates in every year.


Apart from regular festivals, Bangalore is the home for the several other religious gatherings that are unique to the city. The most popular of such gatherings are

Kadlekai Parishe: One of the most popular fairs held in Bangalore is Kadlekai Parishe which translates to Groundnut Fair. On the last Monday and Tuesday of Hindu calendar Karthika masa, hundreds of groundnut and several other foods, toys vendors from various places bring their produce and keep for sale in the premises of Sri Big Bull temple in Basavanagudi.


Karaga Festival: This is one of the very popular and oldest festival that are celebrated at Dharmaraya Swamy Temple in Bangalore every year.

The festival starts on the Sapthami (7th day) of Hindu calendar month Chaithra, which in turn occurs in the month of March or April.


St Mary’s Feast: This festival starts on 29th August every year and after 9 days of Novena program the main feast gets celebrated on 8th September at its grandeur.

Special programs such as Mass Marriage, Special Mass, Night Vigil will be held during Novena days. Lacs of devotees witnesses this feast every year.

St Mary Feast

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