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Bangalore Book Festival

The Bangalore Book Festival is Bangalore’s chief book exhibition held annually since 2003. The festival plays host to thousands of books displayed by hundreds of publishers. The festival witnesses a huge footfall from children and adults alike who rush to the exhibition. The festival offers a huge variety of books in a range of regional languages. The Bangalore Book Festival also offers the chance to readers to engage in discussions and meet their favorite writer.

The 11th edition of Bangalore Book Festival was slated to take place for a week starting November 29th, 2013. The festival was planned to be a unique fair as the organizers had a bevy of events to offer: debates, free-entry to young ones, engaging discussions. It was scheduled to take place on the famous Palace Grounds. However, due to a governmental notification restricting activities on the ground, the organizers were requested to plan it only for 3 days. The organizers refused due to prior commitments and logistical issues, and the event was called off.


In 2014, the Bangalore Book Festival sprung back to life as it began on March 4th. The organizers, this time, had managed to gain permission for 7 days at the Palace Grounds. The Karnataka High Court had ruled in favour of the festival and directed the government to make arrangements for the ‘special occasion’. The permission was sought by the Federation of Publishers in India (three days), Bangalore Book Sellers and Publishers Association (three days), VGR Communication (three days) and India Book House (one day). The publishers rejoiced as the festival revelled in its true and original glory.

The Bangalore Book Festival offered a robust platform to fledgling publishers to display their books and attract readership. For amateur writers the festival is a chance to showcase their talent. For ardent bibliophiles, the festival is an opportunity to satiate their appetite for reading. Children too look forward to the event. The event is meant for all interested in reading, writing or those just looking forward to an enriching literary fete.

The Bangalore Book Festival pays cultural homage to prolific Kannada writers and celebrates the rich Dravidian literary heritage of Bangalore. Due to paucity of large bookstore capable of housing a variety of books, the festival provides a large collection of books available in one place. The festival is nearly a month long cultural and literary extravaganza. The Bangalore Book Festival is a popular calendar-event for fellow Bangaloreans, a must-visit for book-lovers.


  1. Bangalore Book festival was on 4th, March, 2014, there is no reference as when it is in 2016. Please give date for 2016 and update every year on 1st January.

  2. Bangalore Book festival was on 4th, March, 2014, there is no reference as when it is in 2016. Please give date for 2016 and update every year on 1st January.

  3. Please give date for Book festival 2016 and update every year on 1st January.

  4. date for 2016 bok festival

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