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Hogenakkal Falls

Feel Rejuvenated After Taking Oil Bath In The Natural Showers Of Hogenakkal Falls

Even though the place is situated exactly in the border of two South Indian States, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the travelers can reach the Hogenakkal falls through travelling from Dharmapuri and the falls itself is located in the Dharmapuri District. The river that flows here is Cauvery and this is considered to be the point in which the river tends to enter the state of Tamil Nadu.


How to Reach Hogenakkal Falls

Often referred to as India’s own answer to the Niagara falls, Hogenakkal falls is located about 46 kilometers away from the Dharmapuri town and there are so many buses and private travelers who ply their vehicles regularly to ensure guests reach their safely.

Smoking Rocks

The name Hogenakkal itself is a combination of Tamil and Kannada words, which means Smoke (Hoge) and Rocks (Kal). Those who tend to visit the place in any season when the water is flowing; they would witness the water being slapped on the Carbonatite rocks prevalent in the area and tends to flow into the gorges, where they raise as a cloud. The persons would get drenched with the droplets of water even if they stand in certain vantage point to watch the waterfalls. Therefore the name “Smoking Rocks” tends to be apt to this great tourist destination, which attracts the nature lovers, water enthusiasts as well as those who love to have fitness and massage sessions.


There are so many points in which the water flows from over the rocky faces and falls into the different gorges, few of which are used for boating as well. There are a couple of spots where the persons are able to take a bath from the flowing rock hard water drops. This by itself is a great massage session that the persons would be able to enjoy. They would feel that their muscles are relaxed and feel very rejuvenated when they complete the bath.


Fresh Fish Fry

There are so many fishermen who tend to catch fish in these waters and therefore the guests also get to eat the freshly caught and cooked fish as part of their visit.

Oil Massage

Even though the falls tend to give the necessary massage session, it is a practice that the visitors tend to purchase the gingerly oil and apply on their heads and bodies and have the local expert masseurs to get the proper massage in the course of their stay there before they take the bath and have the oils washed away.

Boat Rides at Hogenakkal Falls

Even though one would not be able to see the normal boats that they see in the beaches in Hogenakkal, there are several coracle (parisal in Tamil) operators who would take the guests on a boat ride in the rough white waters and ensure their safety by spinning and staying away from the rapids, thanks to their knowledge of the rivers and the various locations where they flow.

The best season is to visit the place before monsoons strike, so that the waters will be calmer and one can even venture into the boat rides.

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