Kunti Betta

Tired of visiting routine tourist places around Bangalore? Want to visit those places that offers natural beauty along with various adventure activities? Planning a weekend trip to a place that is not crowded and far away from pollution and noises? Then head over to Kunti Betta, a place comprised of two rocky hills surrounded by green valley of trees and beautiful lakes. Kunti Betta is around 125kms from Bangalore city.

History of Kunti Betta

History of this place dates back to Mahabharatha of Hindu mythologies, according to which Pandavas during their vanavasa (exile period) stayed sometime at Pandavapura which is a small town located at the base of these hills. Kunti (mother of Pandavas) used to like these hills and used to spend her time here, hence the name Kunti Betta (Betta means hill in Kannada).

Kere Thonnur (Thonnur Lake) which was previously known as Thondanur which is around 10 kms from Kunti Betta has a great grand history under its hood. This place used to be the temporary capital city of Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana. He met Sri Ramanujacharya and adapted Vaishno religion at this place. According to a note from Lakshmi Narayana temple of this place king Vishnuvardhana gifted this place to Sri Ramanujacharya that is why Ramanujacharya lived at this place for several years.

Hoysala king developed a lake at this place and Ramanujacharya named it as Thirumala Sagara. Later Nasirjung, who was a deccan subedar named this lake as Moti Talab. Currently this lake is popularly known as Thonnur Lake.


Adventure & Activities at Kunti Betta

Apart from visiting the temples, trekking to the hilltop which offers amazing view of surrounding valleys and lakes is a popular activity of Kunti Betta. Major part of the trek to the hilltop is gradual but towards the final its gets steeper and one can reach with the help of anchored ropes.

Water sports at Thonnur lake is another popular activity. As the water to this lake comes from Krishna Raja Sagara (KRS) dam, the water levels of this lake are good through out the year. Swimming and kayaking are the popular water sports that can be done at Thonnur lake.

How to Reach Kunti Betta

Pandavapura, which is at the foothills of Kunti Betta is well connected by roads. This small down is just 10kms away from NH17. While driving from Bangalore towards Mysore one has to take right direction at Wellesley Bridge circle. Those who are traveling by bus can reach Pandavapura from Mysore, Srirangapata or from Mandya and from there one can hire an auto rickshaw to Kunti Betta.

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