Nrityagram is the place to visit, if you would like to excite the artist in you and if you have a passion for music and ancient dance. Founded by one of the country’s finest dancers, Protima Gauri, Nrityagram can be called India’s first modern Gurukul.

This dancing village, situated near Hessaraghatta, was developed by architect Gerard daCunha. Mud buildings, verdure, and a composed peaceful environment provides Nrityagram the aged pastoral village feel. It is fashioned along the lines of a conventional gurukul and trains students from throughout the world in distinct areas of traditional Indian dance, including Bharatanatyam, Odissi and Kuchipudi.

Nrityagram is, in addition, famous for its yearly festival, Vasantha Habba, which is held in the first week. During this festival, there is an all-night dance and music programme where music and dance connoisseurs from around the world execute. Consequently, it functions as the best platform for individuals to get in contact with the finest abilities in this field.


So if you are planning a trip to this area, it’s a good idea to go and enjoy this festival.

Actions/ Must see in Nrityagram Dance Village:

  • Visit during Vasantha Habba (spring)’s holiday, held each year in February’s first week and catch dance and music performances by dancers and musicians from distinct parts of the planet.
  • Gurukul – The Kathak gurukul, the Oddisi gurukul and the Mohiniattam gurukal have their partitions adorned with amazing stone sculptures.
  • The mud buildings and the well-maintained gardens make it a relaxing area.

Some of the principal locations to see in Nrityagram include:

  • Odissi Gurukul: The most glorious among the architectural buildings was the Odissi Gurukul that was created in the fashion of early Orissan Temples.
  • Mohiniattam Gurukul: This gurukul features a broad sweep with a hidden dance hall and a sloping thatch roof.
  • Kathak Gurukul: Exquisite winding paths lead to this Gurukul, which sports a foundation of granite, red-brick and large airy windows. The distinctive feature of the construction is the mortar-less, rock-filled archways.
  • Amphitheatre: Constructed of reddish earth in the design this is among the structures that are most important to see in Nrityagram. Every February, the annual Vasantahabba holiday is held here.
  • Gardens: The delightful and well-maintained gardens within the complex develop everything from fruits to vegetables to grain to ‘dal’.

The way to get there – guidance to Nrityagram Dance Village

  • The distance between Bangalore and Nrityagram Dance Village is about 30 km and it requires drive of about one hour by road.
  • Move out from Bangalore and Take the Tumkur Highway -4.
  • Pass through Peenya and Yeshwantpur on the way.
  • Take the next right move that is immediate to Hessaraghatta.
  • Once on Hessaraghata road, watch out for hints to Taj Kuteeram or Nrityagram.

The closest railway station is situated at Bangalore.


  1. Any place to stay inside with my toddler. 1 night to expose her to the different art forms

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