The hills of Savanadurga

Savanadurga is situated on the Ramanagaram-magadi road around 60 km from Bangalore.
Perched at an altitude of about 1250 m, it stands as the tallest monolithic rock hills in the whole of Asia.

It has two peaks namely, Billigudda, also called the white hill and Karigudda called the black hill.

These hills form a part of the Deccan plateau.

The trek to both the hills of Savanadurga can be covered in a couple of days at the most. However most of the people only cover one of the two hills as the other is relatively difficult to trek.


Billigudda Trek

It is the preferred among the two hills. Narasimhaswamy and Veerbhadraswamy temple at the foothills of Billigudda mark the start of the this rocky trail which is fairly easy.

After a short walk, you encounter structures with two to three passageways, this spot is popular among visitors for photography. There are yellow markers on the terrain to help you navigate.

The terrain is pretty short of vegetation as such and is scattered with frangipani trees. Billigudda, during the Hoysala regime, is supposed to have been a fort prison.

Once you cross a point, you will see two trails, one that goes to the forest and the other is open. The forest path is a dead end and you see a Hanuman carving on a rock.

The open trail leads to the top where you see the white Nandi temple. You will also find ruins of the fort which was built by Kempegowda.

Billigudda offers a great camping experience with a majestic view of the surroundings. You will also see the peak of Karigudda.

Karigudda Trek

This hill on the other hand has more vegetation, but the slopes are tricky and steep making it very difficult to trek. You will also require a permit from the authorities and a guide who will help you with the terrain as there are no markers. The difficulty of this trail is enticing to some adventure lovers who defy gravity and laws of physics and make it to the top for a view that is well worth the effort.

Given the rocky nature of the trail, it is advisable to avoid trekking in the monsoon as it gets slippery. Stay options are available in Magadi if you plan on a two day trek.

Many adventure groups have scheduled trekking plans that set out from the city to Savanadurga if one wants to explore and experience the one of the greatest beauties of nature.

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