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Shivanasamudra Falls

Weekend Trips from Bangalore

People love to visit new places for their various attractions. Some places have their best features related to nature, beaches, mountains, lush greenery and waterfalls which offer complete fun and enjoyment and make the trip a pleasant and memorable one. 

The thought of planning a trip from Bangalore makes one to search for the various picnic spots that one can enjoy with family members.  Many people prefer to visit breathtaking waterfalls that are located in and around Bangalore.  Now let us see about Shivanasamudra Falls that are considered as one of the best sightseeing that totally suits the requirements of weekend getaways.

About Shivanasamudra Falls

Shivanasamudra Falls along with Mekedatu falls are located near Bheemeshwari on the banks of the Cauvery River in Mandya district. Shivanasamudra is a combination of twin falls by name Bharachukki and Gaganachukki which offer delightful sights for their enhancing feature of high altitude.

The misty twin waterfalls that contain aura are definitely an awesome feature that makes the picnic complete fun and enjoyment. Moreover one can enjoy the great Cauvery River with its natural beauties along with visit to Shivgange. Here one can find Shivgange acquiring the shape of the Shiva Linga. Hindus consider Shivgange as a place of reverence and they admire the fresh water springs on the hills.

Great Fun

The sight of Shivanasamudra waterfalls really brings out the imaginative features that one had in their mind before they visited the twin waterfalls. Here just as one imagined one could find the wide flat terrain covered by rocky hills that has large coconut and banana plantation. Moreover one can watch the mighty Cauvery River flowing in a silent manner and waterfalls originating from the rocky cliffs of the river that offers great attributes to the eyes of the visitors.

One can have all sorts of fun and enjoyment from Shivanasamudra falls that is not only pleasant but also makes the visitors relax to a great extent.   People have a notion that there existed a village and one can find many ancient temples in and around the place.

Place Features

The segmented waterfall is perennial in nature and the monsoon season is considered as the best time of flow that occurs during the months of June to October. Shivanasamudra forming a boundary to Chamarajanagar district is also famous for the hydro electric power station in Asia.

The left segment of the fall is known as Gaganachukki and the right segment is called as Bharachukki. One can have the best view of both the water falls from Shivanasamudra watch tower. In order to avoid fatal accidents people can see the warning boards and act accordingly to view the water falls. The power generated out of the waterfall which is said to be still functional is put to use by Kolar gold mines.


Best Time to Visit

From the city of Bangalore one has to travel nearly 139 kilo meters to reach the Shivanasamudra Falls. Tourists not only enjoy their trip to various places of attraction but also one can avail the best tourist facilities.

Gaganachukki can be viewed in the morning during sunrise from the watch tower and one can enjoy peaceful bathing at Bharachukki for its easy popular and accessible features. Best time to visit the falls is during July to September and winter and summer season to explore the natural beauties.

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