Talakadu, once an impressive town with over 30 temples, was entombed under sand in the 16 century. Documents from period say this was triggered as a result of normal catastrophe throughout the reign of the Wodeyars, but fables and nearby narratives express otherwise.

Talakadu, a town that once carried 5 well-known Shiva temples, was dominated from the Gangas and by the Cholas. The town was ruled by the Wodeyars of Mysore and was afterwards dominated from the King of Vijayanagara.



During the Vijayanagara interval, Talakad was ruled by Srirangayya on behalf of the Vijayanagara king. Talakad queen was a serious devotee of Sri Ranga Nayaki. She used to deliver all her jewels once a year to embellish Sri Ranga Nayaki and then the jewels will be came back to her. These were came back to Alamelamma after the function. Once, when her husband was ill, she travelled with him to provide desires at Vaidyanatha temple. In the meantime, the Mysore Raja Wadiyar conquered Talakad.

Curse of Talakadu

The Wodeyar determined to seize the precious jewels. In the meantime Srirangayya died, and Wodeyar soldiers started harassing the queen. Angered, she routed her nostril gem to Sri Ranga Nayaki and jump into the water Kaveri at a spot called Malangi with other jewels.

While drowning, she uttered a 3-fold curse i.e. ‘Let Talakad gets covered by sand, let Malangi turn into a whirlpool and henceforth, the Mysore future Rajas will not have heirs’. From that time on, it is believed that the once fertile land of Talakad gets covered with sand because of the curse, and till today, the Mysore Rajas experienced problems with producing inheritors to the throne.

The town is well known for the five temples, specifically Mallikarjuna temples, and the Vaidyanatheshwara, Pathaleshwara, Maruleshwara, Arkeshwara. Annually every one of these temples have a tendency to get hidden under mud, but endeavors at the moment are continuously on to maintain these open.

This town is well-known for the Panchalinga Darshana which requires place once in 12 years. Additional spots you could see around Talakadu are Bandipur, Ranganatittu and Somnathpur, Shivansamudra, Mysore, Sri Rangapattana.

Nowadays the Talakadu region is getting popular for one another reason which is Wine Tourism, thus making this spot referred to as Gourmet Valley of Bangalore. Exotic and Fresh Wines gets produced here which attracts several wine lovers and chefs to this place.

Talakadu is at a distance of 130kms from Bangalore and can be reached either via Kanakapura, Malavalli route or by using Mysore highway via Maddur, Malavalli route.

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