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Vellore Golden Temple

Visit The Amazingly Designed Vellore Golden Temple

It is quite obvious for people of India to think about Amristar temple of Sikhs when they hear the word Golden temple. The Sikhs pride has got a competition from the year 2007, when Vellore golden temple was inaugurated. This temple is completely made of Gold and it glitters in hot sun revealing spectacular view for tourists.

The temple is constructed in an area of 100 acres at an estimation of INR 600crores. Goddess Mahalakshmi is the presiding deity of this temple and is constructed and maintained by Sri Narayani Peedam. It is located at Sripuram, Vellore and the construction work took a period of 6 years to complete the magnificent temple. It gives spiritual experience to the tourists and the natural ambience attracts travelers from any part of the world.

From the artificial fountains present in the entry point to the Vimanam and Ardha Mandapam each and every feature attracts the devotee. Even a single detail of the gold covering has its own prominence as they are made on the basis of Vedas.


Gateways to Vellore Golden temple

Devotees and tourists can go in and exit out through two major pathways. In addition to this major path there are 18 other entrances present behind the mandap. These 18 entrances are made to symbolize the 18 characters of a human mind.

Outer view

Sripuram temple is constructed on the basis of Sri Chakra star lines and it is in a round shape. Outer view of the temple reveals it as a Sri Chakra and the great view can be seen from the upper side.

Head of the temple

The spiritual leader Narayani Amma, who is well known as Sri Sakthi Amma heads the temple. Intricate works present in the temple are done manually and each and every detail is made of gold.

Things to do

The temple is under continued surveillance and devotees are requested to drop their cell phones, camera, eatables and several other things at the entrance office. Beauty and serenity of the ambiance is maintained at an extreme level and devotees should co-operate it. Interior of the temple is beautified with traditional stone lights in the midst of modern lights. Talks among devotees are strictly prohibited until they come out of worship and all the people are advised to maintain perfect silent inside the temple premises.

Decorative gold color paintings and golden arches make the temple to glitter more. Abishekas are performed for the sake of devotees and they can also provide many offerings.

This temple was earlier named as Tirumalaikodi and then was termed as Sri Puram. It is an attraction for people on their pilgrimage tours. The peaceful and natural atmosphere attracts the tourist and they can experience the spiritual feel at this golden temple.

Different types of transport facilities are available to reach the temple and darshan can be done on 365days a year. Visiting the official website of the temple gives more details on darshan timings and also on the fee charge for various poojas and abishekas. Visiting this temple at least once in a life time gives cherishing experience.

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